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LH-Crypto – Margin Trading with Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency project LH-Crypto was launched in 2018 with the support of thousands of ICO investors. The start-up was announced to be the world’s first crypto-broker, and the crypto-community received the idea very well. At that moment, the crypto industry needed to start a new era, crypto had to become an investment instrument, so LH-Crypto made the first step in this direction.

Today, the broker gives its clients an opportunity to operate cryptocurrencies and use it both like the source and the tool for investing. All of it could come real thanks to many years of experience in financial markets that the founders had already had by that time.

LH-Crypto enriched the technical base of crypto-markets with such important features as leverage, micro-lots, and still maintained the anonymity of crypto for transfers.

Accessible investment with LH-Crypto

The popularity of cryptocurrencies made it important for a broker to make its services available to the general public. So LH-Crypto is following this trend. For instance, trading with LH-Crypto is possible with as little as 10 Euro. The trader will just have to use minimum trading volumes and high leverage.

Professional investors who hold accounts with over 10’000 Euro can also receive a number of advantages with LH-Crypto – like bonuses, lower commissions, special conditions for withdrawal and much more.

In LH-Crypto, clients can open accounts in any cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tether, Monero, and others; also, there are accounts in Euro. For cryptocurrency deposits, no commission is applicable; for card deposits, the commissions are compensated by the broker.

The LH-Crypto trading platform is also worth noting. Its technical features are perfect for trading with volatile assets – for its high execution speed, best market prices, and optimized spreads.

LH-Crypto clients can trade with any assets with leverage from 1:2 to 1:500. The leverage amount is defined automatically depending on the size of deposit. This helps traders lower the risks and raises the effectiveness of every order.

Access to financial markets

LH-Crypto works with leading financial platforms, so traders have access to a list of 250+ trading assets of all types: cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, commodities, energies, metals, indices.

The exchanges cover different time zones, so currency pairs and cryptocurrencies can be traded round the clock. For those of our clients who are always on the move, we have mobile versions of the trading terminal, so our clients can earn money in every place of the world that has an internet connection.

Automated deposits and withdrawals

Withdrawal is purely automated, so LH-Crypto traders can withdraw their profits without any paperwork, just in the terminal or their Personal Area.

Bonuses and promotions

LH-Crypto broker values each and every one of its clients, so it accrues bonuses to the trading accounts to keep clients’ margin high and raise their trading volumes.

Lucrative partnership

LH-Crypto would love to be closer to its clients and have representative offices all over the world, so it offers the best partnership conditions in the industry. An easy start, high partners payouts, and thorough start-up support help our partners return their investments quickly and establish themselves as an important force of the market.