The dPNM ecosystem is the best investment with growth potential

New cryptocurrencies in the digital world appear almost daily. But not all projects are worthy of attention, unlike the development of Binance Smart Chain, dubbed the dPNM ecosystem.

A brief overview of the dPNM project

In April 2023, sales of a very profitable and unusual cryptocurrency, dPNM, began. This token was created by true enthusiasts dedicated to their idea. They managed to recreate a unique ecosystem in which dPNM is a completely decentralized currency based on the unique FSA algorithm on the blockchain.

DPNM is the next-generation smart investment. According to the creators, the price of dPNM will only grow, since this condition is laid down in existing smart contracts, the clauses of which cannot be changed, even by the owners of the crypto key. This fact is confirmed by an audit initiated by the venture studio ZOKYO. In addition, this coin can be bought or sold at any time!

The reliability and stability of dPNM are also due to:

  • Access to the place of storage of the asset, the so-called liquid pool, is carried out only through a smart contract.
  • At each stage, you can check the transparency of the implementation of operations.
  • All actions with the token are recorded in the blockchain and BUSD, which means that after the completion of the procedure, no record can be deleted, changed, or canceled.
  • dPNM is a completely deflationary cryptocurrency, unlike other popular tokens.

Who created dPNM?

There is no bank, company, or corporation behind the dPNM token. The project was launched by a group of enthusiasts. Management is coordinated in a decentralized manner and is protected by ZOKYO, a venture capital studio that invests in promising projects like NFT, now also dPNM. The project partners are also a crypto community, which includes the coolest specialists: crypto traders, designers, investors, and many others.

Benefits of the dPNM Ecosystem

The dPNM token and ecosystem is an asset that is characterized by continuous growth and 100% inflation protection. In addition, the project has the following advantages:

  1. dPNM is a fully decentralized token, which means that no third party can intervene. dPNM is registered in the Blockchain for you forever!
  2. The project guarantees 100% financial security. The algorithm for creating a token is mathematically configured only for the growth of its value. In addition, the price of dPNM grows from any operations within the network. That is when selling, the value of the coin increases.
  3. The deflationary feature of dPNM is to burn excess tokens, and new coins are issued only with 100% upfront payment.
  4. The dPNM ecosystem consists of 3 smart contracts that reliably protect against unauthorized access to the coin’s liquidity pool.
  5. Unconditional liquidity of the coin. Orders to buy or sell dPNM are executed instantly.
  6. dPNM is protected from large buyers of “cryptocurrency whales”, who, due to their huge capital, can manipulate the price of the token.
  7. The ecosystem is characterized by a high level of security, which is confirmed by the well-known audit firm ZOKYO.

What affects the value of dPNM and the coin’s liquidity pool

The high cost of dPNM with the prospect of growth is based on 100% backing of the asset. The guarantors are three smart contracts and a liquidity pool. This technology assumes unconditional protection of the value of the token and prevents the price from falling. In addition, the following manipulations affect the growth of dPNM:

  • With each purchase of dPNM, the buyer is charged a 10% commission, which goes to the general pool and thus is the basis for the growth of the price of the token as a whole.
  • Money is also sent to the general cash desk of the pool, which must be paid when registering a personal account. Account activation in the dPNM ecosystem is $10.
  • 5% of each dPNM sale is sent to the liquidity pool.

The growth of the token is also affected by the presence of partnership contracts. Literally half of the profit from such cooperation goes to the pool.

In addition to the designated funding sources, there are more than five other services in the ecosystem, the payment for which is also sent to the pool. These are marketing services, maintenance of crypto wallets, cryptocurrency exchange operations, and more.

The growth in the value of dPNM starts from the moment of sale under a smart contract, and the price algorithm is set only to increase the value of the token due to the value of the deposit and the number of coins that are limited in the ecosystem.

How to buy dPNM

So, to become the owner of dPNM, you need to follow a few simple procedures and, of course, know the conditions for buying a token.

The first task is to register a crypto wallet and link it to the Binance Blockchain. The best way to do this is through MetaMask, a simple open-source wallet that supports any token. The wallet should be replenished with the required amount of BUSD (BEP-20), which will be used to purchase dPNM, and a few BNB coins, which are used to pay the commission.

The next step is to become a member of the ecosystem. To do this, you need to create an account, and to verify it, pay 10 BUSD.

The purchase of dPNM is also carried out in BUSD. The number of coins every day is limited. You can buy dPNM per day for no less than 20 BUSD and no more than 50 BUSD. A commission of 20% is charged from the purchase amount to the liquidity pool. And a kind of CashBack is returned to buyers – the same 20% of the transaction in the form of a GWT token, which can also be actively used in the future, namely, to be sold and bought in this ecosystem.

How dPNM is sold

If desired, dPNM can be sold. This operation can be performed at any time without any restrictions. Moreover, it is customary to compensate for such transactions in the ecosystem using GWT. The dPNM sale fee is 10%. Of which 5% is sent to the liquidity pool, which increases the value of the token, and the second 5% is transferred as a reward to the project developers. The sale is also necessary to activate the dPNM tree and move to a new level of earnings, of which there are 10 in the system today. And when selling dPNM, the time limit for buying a token increases by the whole 48 hours, and the income limit increases by the amount of the sale.

The sale of dPNM can still be realized through staking, which allows the owner of the cryptocurrency to passively earn good money. But there is such a feature in staking, dPNM is frozen for a certain period, and new coins can be added to them, which, by the way, can be withdrawn before the end of the freeze period.

The principle of staking is that during the dPNM freeze period, 0.1% of the amount is credited to the account. And if you freeze dPNM for a year or more, then the percentage of passive income will increase to 0.5%.


If you are looking for a profitable investment, there is no better option than the dPNM ecosystem. This token is set for continuous growth, its price will soon be equal to the US dollar and, unlike other cryptocurrencies, dPNM is not subject to inflation. This is a unique system of earning and savings that will protect and increase your capital.