Thetan World Launches The Airdrop Event: Prize Pool Of 10,000 USDT

Thetan World is a Web3 Gaming Platform developed by Wolffun Game, the studio behind the successful game Thetan Arena. Building on this success, Wolffun launched Thetan World to expand the GameFi world. With Thetan Gate, Wolffun Game aims to provide management tools for investors and guide new users to the blockchain world, particularly the Play-to-earn mechanism.

Following a series of captivating events that garnered immense attention from the GameFi community and investors alike, including the NFT 2.0 Pre-Registration Event and Mounting Event, Thetan World has officially announced its Airdrop Event on its official website. This exciting event boasts a remarkable prize pool of 10,000 USDT, distributed among 800 fortunate winners. To become one of these lucky winners, participate in this Airdrop Event by following simple steps:

1. Visit:

2. Complete the quests to get the prize:

  • Join Thetan World Discord Community
  • Follow Thetan World on X (Twitter)
  • Join Thetan World Telegram Community
  • Verify your wallet address with the Thetan Box purchase.

*The wallet address list is automatically updated every 12 hours. If you can’t verify at the time, please come back 12 hours later.

3. Finish quests and interact with Thetan World’s social posts to stay updated on the event.

To qualify for the Airdrop Event, users must possess at least one Blank NFT. These NFTs can be purchased from Thetan World for a price starting at $9.99. This presents an exceptional opportunity for players to own a valuable NFT with significant investment potential, essentially at a negligible cost. What makes this event special is that each participant can have a chance to win 12.5 USDT.

The Public Sale of Thetan World Opening NFT Collection is on May 15, 2024. With every Thetan Box purchased, users will get a Blank NFT.

Obviously, Thetan World is paving the way for a wide range of users to join this ecosystem and see the potential of the project.

The Thetan World project is powered by Wolffun Game, the studio behind the success of Thetan Arena. Therefore, though the project was launched in March this year, it already received encouragement from the community. Currently, the studio is working hard to bring out more striking features and guarantee the best experience for users. Thetan World is still in its early stages, however, this project has drawn the attention of many well-known partners, KOLs, and KOCs. Significantly, the project has garnered the support of two prominent gaming communities, KGen and Tier One.

Platforms like Thetan World are revolutionizing the GameFi landscape by empowering players to not only enjoy high-quality gaming experiences but also earn additional income from their passion. Consequently, this model is getting more popular and holds immense potential. To support this growth, Thetan World has launched the $10,000 Airdrop Event, providing gamers with an opportunity to become the future of GameFi. Join Thetan World now!

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