Alpine 4 Technologies

Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd. (ALPP) Announces its Plans to Up List to the NASDAQ

lpine 4 Technologies, Ltd., (OTCQB: ALPP) owner of leading small market businesses, announced today that its Board of Directors has voted to up list to the NASDAQ.

Kent B. Wilson, CEO, had this to say, “It has become clear to me that this is Alpine 4’s moment. We have the opportunity to effectuate a new phase in our public ownership by up listing to the NASDAQ. The significance of this change will bring important benefits to our current and future shareholders, as well as, our employees. Timing is everything and there is a collective energy propelling Alpine 4 forward and we intend to capture that zeitgeist. It’s important that we take advantage of this opportunity quickly so that we can attract the right banking and capital market investors to Alpine 4. These windows of opportunity can be fleeting and hence we are acting resolutely and expeditiously.

Short Term Goals for Long-term Gains:

When I became the Alpine 4 CEO on June 1st, 2014, I had a vision and business plan to build out a new form of American company. A company that was highly diversified, had defensible businesses that could stand the test of time, and would resonate with shareholder’s desire to own a piece of the “American dream”. Over the past 6.5 years, Alpine 4 has “bootstrapped” itself into a company generating roughly $34m in annualized revenue and has built a foundation to grow into billions of dollars annually.

The reasoning behind moving to the NASDAQ is wide and varied. However, the most important reason is to drive shareholder value. We have begun to garner international attention and we are grateful to those outside of the US who choose to participate in our American dream. To continue driving shareholder value and subsequently grow our market capitalization, we need to advance our business model of DSF (Drivers, Stabilizer, Facilitators). Therefore, it is my firm belief that our already successful business model of DSF will flourish even more when Alpine 4 is listed on a national exchange like the NASDAQ. Additionally, up listing will drive our cost of capital and equity down dramatically, add institutional shareholders to the Alpine 4 family and attract even more top tier customers and vendors to our ever-growing list of subsidiaries.

Over the next few weeks, the company will begin submitting the appropriate filings with the SEC and FINRA, for the NASDAQ up listing. We anticipate this move will take roughly 45 days and should finalize around the end of January to the beginning of February. This is an exciting time for everyone here at Alpine 4 and we are humbled by our shareholders who choose to join us in our endeavors.”

About Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd.

Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd (OTCQB: ALPP) is a publicly traded conglomerate that is acquiring businesses that fit into its disruptive DSF business model of Drivers, Stabilizers, and Facilitators. At Alpine 4, we understand the nature of how technology and innovation can accentuate a business. Our focus is on how the adaptation of new technologies even in brick and mortar businesses can drive innovation. We also believe that our holdings should benefit synergistically from each other and that the ability to have collaboration across varying industries can spawn new ideas and create fertile ground for competitive advantages. This unique perspective has culminated in the development of our Blockchain enabled Enterprise Business Operating System called SPECTRUMebos.