PrimeXBT Meets Growing Demand for Bitcoin Margin Trading with New iOS App

Over the last few years, the popularity of margin trading in the crypto industry has grown extensively and blossomed into its own competitive space of well-established crypto exchanges all vying for a slice of the pie.

But one trading platform, again and again, stands out from the rest of the pack. PrimeXBT has repeatedly taken steps to improve its value proposition to traders in the market, offering advanced trading tools, and an ever-growing list of financial assets that include crypto, forex, commodities, stock indices, and more.

PrimeXBT Launches New iOS App Following Successful Android Launch

Ahead of even more features hitting the platform with a planned copy-trading module through a partnership with Covesting, PrimeXBT has rolled out the iOS version of their mobile app, following the success of the Android app release.

After the Android app released on the Google Play store, traders voiced their desire for PrimeXBT to launch an iOS counterpart, so iOS users could access the advanced trading platform while on the go from their iPhones and iPads. Apple devices are among the best selling smartphones and tablets on the market, with hundreds of millions of customers across the globe, many of which are PrimeXBT clients.

PrimeXBT quickly responded by providing traders with the tools they need most and launched an iOS app last week.

App Launch Represents Milestone Moment for PrimeXBT

The mobile app release represents a milestone for the brand – a culmination of months of work coming to a climax. PrimeXBT has expanded from five of the most popular crypto assets – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and EOS – paired against USD, to a full slate of crypto/BTC pairs, commodities, stock indices, and 18 of the world’s most popular forex currencies.

The company also secured a partnership with Covesting to bring its cutting-edge copy-trading technology to PrimeXBT through the Covesting module. Soon, traders will be able to launch their own fund, amass a following, and discover new income streams from their regular trading daily activities.

Through regular, impactful updates, listening closely to their client’s needs, and providing the most stable and secure experience in the Bitcoin-based margin trading space, PrimeXBT has seen its trading volumes surge, and new user registrations spike.

The boost is two-fold, PrimeXBT is gaining popularity through word of mouth over the trading tools, assets, and lucrative referral system, but also due to traders fleeing BitMEX over fears of shutdown or worse.

What to Expect from the PrimeXBT iOS Application

The PrimeXBT iOS app has all of the same features of the desktop experience with a slightly modified UI that’s just as simple-to-use an easy-to-understand. All available assets are included for trading at up to 100x leverage (up to 500x for forex trading), and performance can be tracked in real-time.

Traders will be able to do everything from read charts, to place and modify orders, set stops and take profit prices, and so much more.

The iOS app is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. An Android app is also available on the Google Play Store. Both are offered to clients for free as a courtesy from PrimeXBT and a genuine urge to give their clients the best possible options for success.

Because Bitcoin-based margin trading has grown into a sort of industry and competitive space of its own, it demonstrates just how far ahead the trading platform is compared to the rest of the participants in the market.

How PrimeXBT’s iOS Stacks Up to the Crypto Competition

The main leaders in this area, are BitMEX, PrimeXBT, ByBit, and Deribit. Other platforms such as Poloniex, OKEx, and even the recent addition of merging trading on Binance, offer anywhere from 2% to 5% leverage, making them a poor option for those seeking more from a trading platform.

Out of the Bitcoin-based margin trading leaders, only PrimeXBT and Deribit offer iOS applications for their clients to manage their positions and portfolio while on the go. Oftentimes, during extreme volatility, mobile sites can be difficult to work with making a native iOS or Android mobile app extremely valuable to traders. But only PrimeXBT and Deribit make things easy for their clients.

But when comparing Deribit to PrimeXBT in terms of overall features offered, there is no competition. While Deribit may not lack an iOS app as the others do, they only offer Bitcoin trading – no additional crypto assets or financial assets are included for trading on the app, or on the platform at all for that matter.

Due to the clear advantage PrimeXBT has over the others, the addition of the iOS app is the metaphorical icing on the cake of an already attractive trading platform, designed for the world’s best and most profitable traders.


With PrimeXBT so far ahead of the competition both in terms of accessibility and purely from a features perspective, the trading platform becomes the most logical choice for traders seeking the most from their trading experience.

From advanced trading tools, an iOS app, to an unparalleled diversification opportunity, and so much more, PrimeXBT should be a regular part of any trader’s arsenal of profit-generating tools, and this new iOS app makes it even easier and faster to access those tools.

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