Aave Announces a Recovery Program for “Crypto Addicted”

AAVE, a UK-based fintech startup, today revealed its rehabilitation program aimed at helping people who are addicted to cryptocurrency.

During the crypto market peak of last year, a lot of people bought digital currency. Today, most of these individuals now experience hard times, holding their tokens in the hope that the market recovers and value increases. After seeing how crypto winter has harmed the mental and even physical health of many lives, Aave has decided to invest some resources in a solution to help the community: Crypto Harmony Program.

“We are proud of this initiative and convinced that we can make the difference. We saw many people giving up their lives and suffering without even knowing. As an active part of the crypto community, we could not remain passive in front of this and we decided to invest in this project,” said Aave CEO Stani Kulechov.

The program was firstly announced two months ago to restricted groups of people to be tested on some patients. After achieving the desired results and improving the dedicated facilities, the company is now ready to go public and help the entire community. The program consists of 12 steps and lasts from one to three months, depending on the patient’s level of addiction.

“I was completely out of my mind. I heard about Crypto Harmony from one of my friends and my life changed. They helped to get out of this self-destructive cycle, and I started to get real utility out of my coins. For sure, from now on, no more hold, just spend,” said Pablo Candela, one of the first patients at the Zug center.

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