Cupcake, Solana-Based Social Rewards App, Emerges as Crypto’s Fun, Engaging Entry Point

Today marks the launch of Cupcake, a new social rewards app designed to be the most fun, rewarding and engaging crypto entry point to ever exist. Born out of B+J Studios and its co-founders Jordan Prince and Bartosz Lipiński, Cupcake is a groundbreaking culture layer built on Solana that uniquely incentivizes and rewards active social engagement while celebrating crypto culture and enabling project discovery.

Cupcake is simple: play games, collect cupcakes, win prizes. The TikTok-style rolling feed of social minigames features conversation-starters like “would you rather,” “caption this,” or “two truths and a lie,” all centered around key memes and moments in crypto culture. The dynamic ecosystem is updated weekly with new games and leaderboards to foster connection, excitement and shareable moments. Cupcake is launching with branded content and rewards from partners including The Nifty, Cube, Moutai memecoin, SolCasino, and BONK.

The mobile-first web app fills a major void in today’s crypto landscape: the existence of a viral channel that creates an active and approachable experience, similar to the thrill of playing Wordle with friends or sharing high scores on Candy Crush. Until now, modern-day crypto has been virtually inaccessible to non-traders as the primary motivation is speculation, which often requires always-on market attention. Limited tools and platforms exist for sustaining relevance amidst fast-paced meme cycles.

“To achieve mainstream consumer crypto adoption, we need to make the complex ideas of crypto networks easy to grasp through games that tap into what makes us human: connecting with others, enjoying friendly competition, being creative, and showing our unique selves,” said Chris Liquin, CEO of Cupcake. “Cupcake is the wreath on the front door of Solana: we offer a welcoming new entry point for the crypto-curious, and a more meaningful way to engage for crypto natives.”

Throughout gameplay, players collect “Proof of Cake,” unique, eclectic cupcake artwork by emerging digital artists with a variety of collectible tiers and game mechanics, and Universal Baking Income (UBI), the experience points of the Cupcake ecosystem. Sweepstakes-based leaderboards then distribute rewards, an exciting mix of cash, tokens, merch, experiences, and digital status and access. “Proof of Cake” art and rewards are kept track of in the Bakeshop.

“Crypto is a cultural revolution as well as a technological one, and we’ve so far lacked consumer products that create net new experiences celebrating digital ownership. The current cycle, with memecoins at the forefront, is now very clearly about value in the culture layer, which is what we’re calling CultureFi,” continued Liquin. “In unlocking this untapped opportunity through an active consumer experience, we’re also addressing core challenges with social platforms today: mind-numbing passive consumption, an influx of content and being at the mercy of the algorithm.”

Launched in 2022 as the first product from B+J Studios, the 0 to 1 builder studio developing world-class blockchain-based solutions for mainstream consumer and institutional-grade use cases, Cupcake was initially an experiential marketing tool that used proprietary NFC-powered NFT minting technology. By partnering with Lollapalooza, Tommy Hilfiger, and leading crypto projects like Clyanousaurz, Bonk, and Solana Saga, Cupcake laid its foundation in the Solana community and has pivoted into a mobile-first web app that is poised to lead the charge towards a more inclusive and vibrant crypto landscape.

“It has been fantastic to see renewed energy around the Cupcake brand,” said Jordan Prince, CEO of B+J Studios. “It’s a business that has always been early to trends in crypto culture, and seeing this new wave of viral marketing and community momentum over the last several months gives me extreme confidence it’s set to be the fastest growing company in our portfolio.”

Signing up is easy through Cupcake’s partnership with TipLink, a platform that makes it possible to create a crypto wallet and transfer digital assets with one click. Join the Cupcake revolution today at

About Cupcake

Cupcake is Solana’s innovative culture layer, offering a fun and rewarding social rewards app that connects crypto natives with the crypto-curious. Developed by B+J Studios, Cupcake aims to make crypto accessible and engaging through gamification, social engagement, and tangible rewards.

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